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A pickle a day…

And again, another cold and a brief sojourn to snowy climes had me far away from pickle-land, so apologies.  But a cold doesn’t stand a chance against Indian pickles, courtesy of India Sweets & Spices.  Their spicy goodness made my nose run, in a good way.  I’m looking forward to trying the recipe from David, […]

My own private IHOP (International House of Pickles)

While searching for another article, I stumbled upon this great feature and recipe by David Rosengarten from a 2009 issue of Wine Enthusiast–and subsequently learned he’s about to begin as regular blogger on Dean & DeLuca’s site!  I love Indian food and will admit that I have gazed upon the Indian pickle with some trepidation in the […]

Et voila!

“Well, it’s a pickle” were the words that fell from my mouth after I appraised one of my quickles.  It took a moment–and a few more samples–until I was actually rather taken with the batch.  They are sweet, with a bit of savory coming in afterwards.  The onions are actually quite good as well.  This […]

The "Quickle"

Sorry for the gap, folks.  A brief tango with a nasty cold left me unable to type complete sentences for several days.  But I am back and just in time because, as promised, I started in this past weekend on my debut pickle, the refrigerator pickle.  And, also as promised, it has earned a more […]