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How green was my valley

…and my garden.  Have a look at the latest from the dill department: And peer closely for the up-and-coming sage: Not far from making its way into dishes and pickle jars…  Do stay tuned. I’m off to Santa Ynez this weekend for a taste of wine and sunshine.  I have a feeling the people of […]

A pickle for your thoughts

Some discoveries/questions from my first real batch of pickles: * Cucumbers make a terrific garnish for your martini. * Nothing like getting pickled while pickling (note: I recommend a martini after slicing your cucumbers) * What’s the difference between a pickling cucumber and a regular cucumber?  That sounds like the start of a joke.  I’ll […]

Dill grows in Playa Del Rey…

I’m sure in many places other than my own garden, but I digress.  I was thrilled to discover some very young dill sprouts gracing my planter boxes the other morning.  Soon enough I will be plucking it fresh and adding it to my jars of green goodness.