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For the birds

Apparently I planted dill so all the birds in the neighborhood could enjoy its wondrousness.  It had been doing so well, nearly ready to start using for pickling (and other such goodness), and in a flash it was gone again!  Large stalks chewed down to nothing.  These were hungry birds, and no wonder, if I […]

Thanks, Deborah!

Amuse-Bouche *Mixed nuts with Garam Masala *Pickled Carrots and Garlic with Cumin *Jicama and Cucumbers with Chile and Lime *Homemade 100% whole wheat bread Main stage *Braised Fennel with Parmesan *Kasha Varnishkes and Cabbage with Juniper Berries *Saffron Noodle Cake and Spring Vegetable Stew Something sweet… Yeasted Sugar Cake with Raspberries (and Fresh Whipped Cream) […]

A Pickle for All Seasons

Last Saturday I cooked dinner for this special gent‘s birthday.  I knew it was going to be for a lot of people and that it should be mostly if not all vegetarian.  I also knew it would be for at least sixteen people (we ended up with enough food for twenty), so it was time […]

We love to fry and it shows

Recently, on my way back to Los Angeles from a wine-tasting excursion–some highlights include: Kenneth Volk Vineyards, Curtis Winery, and Tastes of the Valleys in Solvang–we stopped for a beer and snack at Hollister Brewing Company.  My pal chillindamos was interested in investigating the latest they had to sample, while I was interested in the curious listing near the […]