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Pickles On Wheels

A certain food blogger I know well–who’s off to the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle this weekend–recently came across a fellow pickler on twitter and passed on the information.  Grillo’s Pickles has a good handle on New England’s pickle needs, selling his dills in many Whole Foods and other markets throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.  What struck me […]

Pickles In Process

As promised, the pickling has in fact begun again.  Earlier this week, we jumped right in.  Consulting my trusty The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving, I decided to start off with a classic recipe.  Things got a little heated in the kitchen, both on the stove and for me personally.  As it was my first […]

The Ever-Elusive Pickling Salt

Strange to think that in many ways summer is nearly over.  Seems like only yesterday I wrote a blog post prior to my earliest trip of the summer months, a week-long backpacking and camping adventure which I not only survived, but also enjoyed.  But here we are inching toward the end of August–a few other […]