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Renegade Pickles

For a dinner party a few nights ago, we started off with these delicious Cucumber and Radish pickles.  The recipe comes courtesy of my good friend Johnny, who’s just in the final moments of the road trip of a lifetime–driving from London to Mongolia–as one of three Renegade Pencils.  Check out their adventures and, while […]

Pickles On Wheels

A certain food blogger I know well–who’s off to the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle this weekend–recently came across a fellow pickler on twitter and passed on the information.  Grillo’s Pickles has a good handle on New England’s pickle needs, selling his dills in many Whole Foods and other markets throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.  What struck me […]

Pickles In Process

As promised, the pickling has in fact begun again.  Earlier this week, we jumped right in.  Consulting my trusty The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving, I decided to start off with a classic recipe.  Things got a little heated in the kitchen, both on the stove and for me personally.  As it was my first […]

The Ever-Elusive Pickling Salt

Strange to think that in many ways summer is nearly over.  Seems like only yesterday I wrote a blog post prior to my earliest trip of the summer months, a week-long backpacking and camping adventure which I not only survived, but also enjoyed.  But here we are inching toward the end of August–a few other […]