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The Ever-Festive Fava

A few days ago, I called home to have my fiance Andrew start cooking a pot of fava beans–or broad beans, as they’re sometimes called–I’d been wanting to cook for ages, but hadn’t gotten around to.  I assumed they’d take a while so I wanted to get a head start.  I adore fava beans but […]

Pickle of the Sea

Recently I came across a great recipe from Toshio Suzuki in an article in Saveur magazine that I just had to try–Pickled Nori.  I love seaweed, so I knew this would be a hit, plus I was in a pickling kind of mood and didn’t have fresh vegetables on hand.  It’s a simple enough recipe, but […]

In A Pickle

I never intended this blog to be used to communicate my political beliefs, but frankly of late it hasn’t been communicating my pickle beliefs either.  I blame the summer and its many weekends away and other such distractions; as the days grow shorter and the nights are colder, I fully intend to keep warm by […]

You, too, can be a renegade

Some of you wanted to know just how one makes these renegade pickles, and who could blame you?  They really are capital.  Below you’ll find my take, adapted from my friend John‘s recipe.  I found some wonderful cucumbers and breakfast radishes at a local farmers market and made the pickles that evening.  I can’t stress […]