Pickle Down Economics

Up front, I’d like to make one thing clear:  I don’t make pickles.  Yet.  I’m starting this weekend.  But I’ve been a pickle appreciator and/or aficionado all my life.  Perhaps it all began with “The Witches of Eastwick”–the scene in which Susan Sarandon is strutting through the market, red hair billowing about her, frivolously (and seductively) eating pickles out of the jar.  From there it continued on to my next door neighbor Helen’s amazing homemade varieties and the pickles at various delis I would encounter all throughout the New York tri-state area.  And maybe I was reminded yet again some years back at Jerry’s and Langer’s here in Los Angeles; or at a “unique” restaurant in Hollywood called Uzbekistan (now closed, sadly), whose drink menu included a marvelous libation called “The Drunk Ivan” which simply consisted of a glass of cold vodka with a skewered pickle resting kindly on the rim.  Any way you slice it–pun intended–pickles have often been at the side of many a meal (or at the center, or on their own…)

Inspired by some ambitious and talented DIY pals over at http://www.imakecheese.com/ and http://chillindamos.blogspot.com/, I’ve decided to see what home pickling is all about.  Since it will be a few weeks before I’ll even be able to savor the fruits of my labor, I’ll just have to write a whole bunch about process and preparation, if you’ll indulge me.  I’ve already staked out a couple of cheeses at a terrific cheese shop in San Diego–Venissimo–that will go nicely with some [of my eventual] delectable dills.  Chillindamos also made a generous contribution to the cause to get the ball rolling:

So, friends, lend me your spears! (Sorry, can’t help myself)  Stay tuned as we travel down the great briney way…

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