A pickle a day…

And again, another cold and a brief sojourn to snowy climes had me far away from pickle-land, so apologies.  But a cold doesn’t stand a chance against Indian pickles, courtesy of India Sweets & Spices.  Their spicy goodness made my nose run, in a good way.  I’m looking forward to trying the recipe from David, too.

In other pickle news, the dill has been planted so my hope is to eventually use my own herbs in pickling.  Also planted:  rosemary, sage, chives and cilantro.  I was hoping to find tarragon but no such luck yet.  My plan is to infuse some vinegars to use in various recipes. Poblano peppers are also in the mix, but not sure how they’ll fare on the patio.  But I’ll keep talking to them anyway.

Over and out.

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